March 16, 2020

Nobles Real Estate Investment opens the sale for the second phase of its project Al Shahd City

Nobles Real Estate Investment Company announced the opening of the sale for the second phase of its project, Al-Shahd City, and the company indicated that its opening sale for the second phase comes after the completion of the sale of the first phase in a record period.

The company’s executive director, Engineer Wael Qassem, said that the second phase of Al-Shahd city project has been launched as a part of three basic stages and that it includes 65 plots of land, of which 63 are residential and two commercial plots of lands are all provided with public services from an advanced road network and a complete electricity and water network. The design of the project includes a comprehensive residential and commercial area, areas for public services, schools, and gardens, to provide comfort and luxury to the owners.

Qassem pointed out that the opening of the sale for the second phase came before the specified date after the sale of the first phase in a short period. He also explained that the strategic location of the project, modern infrastructure, and comfortable installment system were all factors of interest and demand from customers, which led to the speed of selling the first phase.

The company has provided two options for installments, as the first option includes installments for a period of up to three years without any increase in the price.

And the second option for installments includes a period of up to 10 years through the financial leasing system, explaining that the customer will also receive an exemption of the registration fee (9%).

The company recently revealed the launch of a new phase in its endeavor to develop the project by building a group of high-end residential villas that were designed with great care and modern models, as well as being environmentally friendly and containing smart control systems that meet the desire, tastes and requirements of customers, as the project is located within a strategic and a distinctive location on Airport Street, only 400 meters from the Middle East University, located between the meeting point of Airport Street and Amman development corridor, it is considered one of the largest real estate projects closest to the capital Amman which consists of plots of land and residential villas.

Nobles Properties co, which was founded in Dubai by businessman Omar Ayesh, does not limit its projects to accomplishing business in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, but proceeds with its business to expand in various regions, including the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

Nobles Real Estate is one of the largest leading real estate development companies since 2008, working on owning, developing and managing real estate projects inside and outside the Kingdom.

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